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Teen Programming at the Sammamish Community YMCA connects teens to their community through service, their leadership capacity through education, action & reflection and their peers through fun and healthy activities.

We work with teens from 6th to 12th grade at the YMCA, in the community and in local schools.

Teen Programming is free* to all community members and does not require membership to the YMCA. We are funded through our Annual Campaign drive and appreciate our community support.

*Youth and Government has a fee to cover room and board on our 4 day field-trip to Olympia in the spring. Scholarships available.


To get involved please email us at sammamishyteens@seattleymca.org or call Kai Schwartz at (425) 395-7640 and let us know what program you are interested in.


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Email us at sammamishyteens@seattleymca.org