Meet our Team: Jenny Petty

We are excited to announce that we have hired our Aquatics Director for the New Y in Sammamish!  Jenny Petty moved to the Seattle area all the way from Alabama to help us form the new Aquatic Center.  She has over 20 years of experience in aquatics and has worked for Y’s in Alabama, Texas and Ohio.

Jenny says, “Working for the Y is a lifestyle not just a job.  I love being able to help people achieve their goals. Watching kids that I have taught how to swim and then watch them become lifeguards and/or swim instructors is very rewarding to me.”

jenny  jenny2

Meet Jenny!

Name:  Jenny Petty
YMCA Position: Aquatics Director
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Childhood Hero: My Mom
Hobbies: Cooking, crafting and mountain biking!
3 Adjectives to Describe your Personality: Passionate, Driven, Fun

It’s a rare sunny day in Seattle and you have nothing on your calendar, what do you do?

I would either go ride my Mountain Bike or my Road Bike or soak up the sun and sit by the water with my favorite Starbucks drink – Venti Iced Chai with non-fat milk and no ice (with exactly 8 pumps of Chai)! :)

My Y Story:

I started with the Y as a member on financial assistance. I then started working for the Y part-time as a water aerobics instructor and a lifeguard. In 1998, I started my professional journey in Abilene, TX and then moved to Birmingham in 2001. I would have to stay that the biggest thing that has impacted me is the Learn to Swim Program that I started in Birmingham. To be able to provide this program to those who can’t afford and need it so desperately really gave me a sense of pride and drives me to provide programs and activities to keep families safe in and around the water.

Pick one of the 3 focus areas of the Y (youth development, healthy living & social responsibility) and explain why it is important to you.

While all 3 focus areas are very important I find myself being torn between youth development and social responsibility. I love training staff to help them get ready to face the world and instill good work habits that will last them the rest of their lives. I also love being able to provide lifesaving skills to those who can’t afford to it.  I find that these 2 areas of focus really work together to provide great things for the communities that we work in.

Welcome to the team, Jenny! We’re so glad to have you!